Preptober 2020: Announcing My Novel

Heyo! So, I forgot to mention on my last post that it’s SPOOKTOBER!

October is my favorite month, has my favorite holiday, and it’s in my favorite season. I wish it was my birth month, but unfortunately I was born in January.

Usually, I would have my eyes glued to a tv screen watching horror movies with snacks scattered all around me. This year is different though, not just because of my new duties as a mom to two, I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year!

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Every November writers from all over the world attempt to write a 50,000 or more word book in the span of 30 days.

October is known as ‘Preptober’ to all of NaNo’s participants. This is the month for planning, outlining, and plotting whatever novel we choose to write. You can work on a novel that you’ve already started on, if you choose to do so, but your word count still starts at 0 like everyone else. Stick around until the end of the post to see my novel announcement!

So, let’s get into how I’m prepping this Preptober!

On the NaNoWriMo site there’s writer’s resources for you to use. NaNo Prep 101 has a weekly breakdown workshop. I printed out all of the worksheets I thought would help me the most: Week 1 Exercise: Four Ways to Develop an Idea, Week 2 Exercise: Character Development and Questionnaires, and Pre-NaNoWriMo Non-Noveling Checklist.

I’m also using the Preptober Planner from It’s a noveling checklist that helps you get everything in order before you start prepping and writing. Sarra Cannon have a lot of resources for writers in general, so I definitely recommend subscribing to her newsletter and the Heart Breathings youtube channel!

I’m also using the Heart Breathing’s Plot Your Novel Workbook. I use this workbook for literally every story that I plan out. It was the first thing I used to plan Razen and Zer’an’s story (my first WIP that I decided to become a writer with). It’s super easy to use and helps you plan out your novel nicely. So, make sure you subscribe to newsletter!

The last thing I’m using for Preptober is the 2020 Preptober Workbook by Natalia Leigh. This is my first time using the workbook, and I just want to say that I’m going to use this thing EVERY YEAR. I wouldn’t be surprised if I use it for all of my books. It has everything you need to plan your book and help you write it in one place and the best part … it’s 100% donation based. Donate however much you can, make sure to put a working email in the dialogue box and she’ll email you the workbook! Here’s the website (, but I also suggest checking out Natalia Leigh’s youtube video of her showing you the workbook.

Now, on to announcing my novel for NaNoWriMo!

If you follow my twitter (my main social platform) then you know that I’ve been working on my first WIP for about a year. It’s still untitled, but I’ve been calling it Razen and Zer’an’s Story. This story has brought me through all kinds of hoops, ending recently with me scraping the half that I’d written and starting it completely over. I, honestly, was close to the point of thinking I was a failure and wasn’t cut out to be a writer. So, I started focusing on my short story, Before Olli, which I’ve mentioned on my last post.

When my friend suggested doing NaNo, my plan was to pick up Razen and Zer’an’s story again. After reading up on NaNoWriMo and looking at their website, I decided against going the NaNo Rebel way. Though, if I’m being honest, I had no idea what to write. I told my friend that all I knew was I wanted to have witches and mermaids in the story. She suggested making it a hybrid story, and I loved that idea.

That’s how my project started. Now, it’s a full blown trilogy!

Yes, you read that right. My novel that I’m writing for NaNoWriMo will be a trilogy in the end. The Barbelo trilogy.

Obviously, I can’t go into too much detail, but the first book will be titled Escaping Barbelo.

Barbelo is a very large city, hidden from the rest of the world, that werewolves, mermaids/mermans, witches, vampires, and faeries live.

Escaping Barbelo follows a witch, Arabella, who was shunned from her coven because she was born without the witches’ mark, their purple eyes. They believe that she’s an abomination and doesn’t deserve to be in a coven.

It, also, follows a werewolf, Dimitri, who lived in the human world with his parents. He ends up having to go and live in Barbelo. After a little while there, he falls sick. He doesn’t know why, but he has a feeling it’s because of the pink-eyed witch.

Escaping Barbelo is a paranormal fantasy novel with a hint of romance. That’s all I can say for now!

I’m excited to get started on my first series, and even more excited to be participating in NaNoWriMo for the first time. I want to give a special thanks to Andrea for asking me to participate with you this year.

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you’re taking part in NaNo too! Maybe we can be buddies? Have a great day everyone!

Published by annikakparker

Annika K. Parker is an army housewife who's based in North Carolina. As a kid who got bullied, escaping reality between the pages of books was her favorite past time. It wasn't long before she started to write creatively. Now, with the help of coffee and wine, she's set out to make writing her career. She's hoping the characters, stories, and worlds she creates helps others as much as her favorite authors' did for her.

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